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1. Why do we use textbooks instead of ICT? How could ICT improve the teaching process?

2. What is the relation between info including on textbooks and government interests?

3. Do yo think teachers are slaves of textbooks? Why?

4. Taking into account the bad things textbooks have, why are we still using them?

5. Why the system forces us to use textbooks? Why would teachers like to use another method?

6. Why do you think this topic is important for your learning as a future teacher?

7. Can you give two ideas to learn in a different way?

8. What would you do as a teacher to change the current use of textbooks in school?

Group 8

Hi everyone!

This is Pepi and although this week I did not have a role, we had to performance an activity the day of the presentation and this is why I am writing this.

 We were grouped in eight different groups with one star from the other groups and each star had to make their presentation to their new group. Then we had to write a good question about this topic: the dark side of books, that could be suitable for an exam. Finally, we had to discuss if the artefact of our new star was completed or if it needed some more information.

Having said that, I will explain my “new” group work! I was in group 8. Our star and our boss was Celia (Sweet Hot Chilli Peppers), and the other members were Cristina (currently my group mate in FH), Mar (The Prickles); Teresa (Tuttifrutis) and, of course, …me!!

Our star delivered her presentation, which I have to say that was great, I mean, really nice pronunciation, pretty comic, and the most important thing was that the contents against textbooks were excellent. We tried to do as our teacher asked us but after a while that we could not find anything to improve, we were confirmed by Linda (our teacher) that it could be that good that we had not to improve anything. This is what we did, we wrote that it was nice and there was anything to add.

Later, we started thinking about questions. We wanted to have one that requested open-ended answers and included most of the content. The result was that it was quite general, so our star-boss, before said it in front of all the people added another more. The teacher decided to have the second one which was: why do you think this topic is important for your learning as future teachers?

All the stars said their questions and we were speaking about them. If the teacher likes any of them, she will use it for our oral exam!!

It was good and different this presentation. I must accept that I like it, also being with other group members and build another artefact sharing our works, knowledge and points of view.

Hope you enjoy it and I did!

All my love,


  1. Hello Frisky Hedgehogs, I am Arazgul, journalist of the Fluffy Guardians for task 4. I really like your idea for this task. You used comic and it was very meaningful. It did not only make us laugh, but also it has deep meaning. Sorry, but I have just seen your blog and I think it is the best, your design and idea are perfect. The way that you described yourself with adj was the best part. Yea hero Hedgehogs, you did good jobs:))) Congrats...

  2. Thanks for your kind words!Sorry for the delay!!!