Friday, March 11



Hello! I’m Anthony, analyst for the FH and this has been our week:

To start, the week has been completely different, due to last week’s general mistake in the presentations.

Our two stars gave another presentation, this time in the proper way. The next day the teacher created different groups, with the idea of making us work with other people with the same role as us. The aim of these new groups was to create some kind of tutorial on how to be the best in the role we had. Therefore, instead of working with the Friskies, I had to team up with colleagues from the other teams, and this is what we came up with:

The best part of this new task is, in my opinion, the easy it will be for anyone to assume a new role, as all the info will be on YouTube, the blogs, and Twitter. Moreover, we have worked with other teams, so we were able to exchange information about the way they do the tasks, which could be helpful for future tasks.

The worst part was, indeed, the chaos it created. I was standing next to our journalist while he spoke to other members of the group, and I overheard them tell the journalist that there was a bit of confusion on how to do what needed doing.

What we learnt was how to present correctly. Last week the presentations were terrible, but this week all of them were so much better. This is because our teacher gave a lecture on the matter, which I believe helped all of us out.

And finally, I can’t really think of something I’d change. We are the students. Our job is to understand and accept what is told, and then apply it in order to get the highest mark.

Anthony Carlson 

Thursday, March 10


Hi everyone!!
I'm Pablo and this week I'm the facilitator of FH.

To begin with, this week was kind of weird because there wasn't a new task, the stars of the previous week had to redo the last presentation because the teacher said all presentations were bad.

On Monday the teacher gave us a lecture of how to do a proper presentation and in the next hours the stars did again the presentations, so there wasn't any work for Wednesday.

On Wednesday there was an special activity where people of all the groups were put together depending on their roles, so we had to made a tutorial on how to be the best in our role. Thus you can see here a video with eight tips on how to be the best facilitator, made by all of this week facilitators.
I hope you learn something new!!


This week we repeat the last presentation but with a few improvements.

Last Wednesday we could see as the projector was not showing the real colors, and that was a real obstacle to explain our topic in the way we had thought. We wanted to improve the presentation, keeping the good things it had and changing the bad ones, so we reorganized the presentation. 

The explanation would be simpler and more accurate in the new project. We had also to reduce the time for the lesson so we take off some words of the power point, we changed the colors to do it completely understandable and clear, we added the common licenses to our images and we did the rehearsal with the chronometer on.

We had a better idea to teach primary and secondary colors. It was very simple but totally clear, so our relationship with the audience was better than in the first exposition. 

We used cellophane papers to show the mixt of the colours. We brought a flashlight to make it clearer although when we did it, we put the flashlight a little far from the volunteers handling the papers and the effect wasn’t so good. Anyway, we think the lesson was perfectly understandable this time, and also funny and involvement for our audience.

Things are easier when you know who is your audience, when you know the steps to follow and when you feel you are controlling the situation.

The general feeling of the class was better this time. 

We felt proud of our improvements although we know things can be always better.

+On Wednesday we also had to make a tutorial showing how to be the best star. Here it is:

Second week as stars,
Cristina Rodríguez & Edu Gálvez.



Hi everyone I am Edu Espinosa and this week I am the translator of Frisky Hedgehogs. From my own point of view, Pepi did an excellent job in task 3 but, as I have to improve it, I'm going to do only one little modification, which is that instead of the word "Glance Test", I would have put the word "Presentation", and here it is...

Presentation: Through this word it is explained how a determinate work or project should be showed to an audience, the term "presentation" involves also three different aspects; prepare, design and deliver, all these things are very important in a presentation and they complemented each other because if any of them are left out, the presentation will not be good . In addition there is a kind of guide, or some tips to follow, which could help to the author of the material in order to do a nice presentation. Furthermore they are also useful at the exposition time.

Best translator in 30"




This group was formed by all the Curators in our class, it was like an especialist Curator Group!We give the essential tips to performance in the best way in the Curator role!!Hope you like it! Thanks classmates for this experience!

Hi everyone!

I am Pepi, and this week I am the Curator but with some little differences. In task 3 we all did not performance in the best way, so the teacher asked us to repeat the same topic and also we had to check the work done by the previous Curator in my case. I have checked it and I from my modest opinion I think my classamate did it good. I only changed the titles into italicst. In relation to the tree, I also think that it  is correct, with the titles, and splited into the different categories.

I just wanted you to know about this week and why do not we added more references and cultivated our knowledge tree.

Next week you will have more to learn!
See you soon

Wednesday, March 9



Frisky Hedgehogs (FH) are anything but robots. They all have personal opinions, different points of view and unique emotions. They have been working every week dealing with any task, comparing ideas and asking doubts. There is a factor which differs in any component FH, The role. Any Frisky feel the weight of any role in a different way. The Star has the responsibility of a mule which grabs the baggage of an Everest expedition of 25 non-professional Americans mountaineer with their butts full of McDonalds French fries. The Analyst is in charge of the future, the reflexion is something FH into the group want to ensure in every task and, of course, “by marking someone grade you are building her/his final mark, it’s a great responsibility”, FH said. The facilitator is the oil for FH, everything must run smoothly, this a heavy backpack full of fuel, screw and screwdriver, upon the back of the Facilitator as in a bicycle, pedals, chains, handlebars, breaks and the EQUILIBRIUM are all managed in a coordinated way so as not to fall down. The role is something that matter, obviously, it is the fact of the role what makes any FH in any week feel different from other thus putting more or less meat into the BBQ each week.  Their emotional connection, their motivation and their experience has connected with the weekly role it is an important fact that any of them is feeling inside.

FH are youth with big dreams, weak but powerful, with a doughty soul keen to keep moving on but above everything FH are Humans people.