Wednesday, May 11


Hi, I'm Cristina, the main star of this week, although in this case I couldn't perform the task in its proper way, I will explay you why.

On Sunday I could read the texts for the task 9 "Organización y gestión de centros escolares" and  "los centros educativos como organizaciones que aprenden: una mirada crítica", these texts were in spanish so it was easier than normal to understand. The task consisted on connect these texts with the last ones (Complexety Theory and Connections in school) so on Monday we divided the chapters to do a sum up and relation our chapter with the other contents.

On Tuesday, we met to talk about our connections and to do the artifact, a diagram which could explain our reflexions well. Therefore, I tried to make a good speech for us with the help of my mates in order to do a good job in our presentation while Jose started to make the diagram. At this point my voice was scarce, I was hardly hoarse so the team decided to put another star in case I were in the same way on Wednesday. The elected was Anthony so he finally did the presentation with Jose (because this was a two stars task).

I enjoyed the explanations of my classmates and I could appreciate the differences among the diagrams of each group. I took pictures of them in order to help Anthony with his role (the journalist). I have to say it was a relieve to have someone in my place because if I had to talk with my voice in those conditions for one hour I think it would have been pretty difficult.

To sum up I can say although the star by name I wasn't for real but we worked as a team and that's all that matters.



Hello, I'm Anthony.

As my teammate Cristina said above, I was in charge of giving the presentation, because she had a sore throat and wasn't really capable of doing so.

This is my first time being a star. I mean, I had the role one of the weeks, but it was when we had to record some videos, so I didn't actually work as one.

Being a star is difficult in my opinion, because the whole team relies on you, and thats quite an amount of pressure.

The way we explained our diagram was by interacting with each other. We started every presentation by saying hello to each other and making our public crack a smile, so that the would expect our presentation to be boring. Also, throughout the presentation, we made some funny comments, as well as answering questions to one another, making it not just one more presentation, but something people would enjoy! I think I could say this was a bit of a gamble. If the teacher had had a bad day, she would have certainly not liked our comments and interactions.

The presentation was great fun. Well, apart from the fact that we had to explain the same information to several groups... But anyway, it's always encouraging to see someone crack a smile because of what you have done. Moreover, the encouragement increases when those people tell you they liked the presentation.

In conclusion, I was kind of terrified at first, because of the pressure and the few time I had to learn the information. But after we presented to the first group and I saw them smile and laugh I knew we were doing great, which eliminated that initial fear.

Thanks for reading, and also for those smiles you all gave us, it was a great feeling!

Anthony Carlson


Now is my turn, I am Jose A Gómez the second star for this week, for me I have to say it was more than a great experience not only because I could see on me my own evolution also because I can say aloud what is the task about. It helps me to study and etch those new knowledges in my brain.

When I refer to my own EVOLUTION is because I have finished the Resources course role play exactly like I started as Star. Frist task of TPACK was mine as well, I remember those first days of the season as if it were yesterday and today the end of the course is here.

In fact, I should say that Linda words just before the last five minutes of the speed learning representation in which we were immersed  get into my like a bitter-sweet  candy, she said: " this is the five last minutes presentation".
I did not realize about that and my heart started dancing half sad and half happy. The end of the course, c'mon! an academic, time flies!

All in all, I felt comfortable representing eight times for my classmates and my FH mate, Anthony was a great support for me. We thought that the atmosphere that we give to the representation asking each other to redo question and clarified concepts was not only funny also productive to make our ideas simple and understanding for our mates. As Anthony say in his words above, crack a smile in our audience was one the best feedback the could give us.

So it was a pleasure for me share my weeks of work with all of you and I hope these words stay around the net for many time.

Thanks for reading and leave some comments if you want.

Don't forget show your best smile.

Jose A Gómez

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