Thursday, May 5


Hi everyone!

I'm Pablo, the star of FH this week.

In this task we had to run a campaign for director of a school and  as a star, I got to be candidate. As always, the task was original and creative, and, in my opinion, this was the most fun to do. We decided that I was going to be a participatory leader.

On Monday we started with the speech and the publicity stuff and on Tuesday we had all finished. I think the team did a great job with everything and in my opinion the speech was perfect. I practiced a lot the speech and every time I red it I liked more.

On Wednesday all the groups had to present the candidatures. It was fun and interesting seeing how others mange to do the presentation. When I was about to start the speech I felt a bit nervous but as I was going through the speech I felt more relaxed and confident and I think that at the end the class liked.

That's all I have to say. Byee!!
And remember....

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