Thursday, May 5


Hi everyone I'm Edu Espinosa and, as you can see, I'm the journalist of Frisky Hedgehogs. This week we have been working with the 8th task, which is; leadership styles. For this task we have to create a "future head teacher" with a concretely leadership style and show it to the rest of the class in an "elections activity", on the next paragraphs you will find more information about it, as well as a diary of the work-week make by our group. Enjoy it!

Monday - 2nd May 2016

First day of work.

Today Linda has said what we have to do for this week-task, which was about LEADERSHIP STYLES. When we had all the instructions clear we started to decide what leadership style would have our candidate to the presidency of the school (head director).

FH working

Tuesday - 3rd May 2016

Second day of work.

When the classes were finished, Frisky Hedgehogs did a meeting in order to prepare the completely task and artifact for Pablo, the star of the group and the candidate to head teacher.
They all worked very hard, taking into account every single detail for have a nice presentation on Wednesday, the speech, the election campaign, the social networks activity of the candidate, the placards... all in order to motivate people on the "reflection day" before elections.

The group working on the task

Wednestay - 4th May 2016

Elections day.

Today it has been the elections day, it is when all the candidates present their speech (with a leadership style behind) and the rest of the class had to identify what was the leadership style and in which school they would fit better.

Here you can see some photos about our colleagues showing their speech and the electoral campaign, all of them have follow different strategies and , of course, different types of leadership, from authoritarian to participative going through transactional and transformational (this last one have very little or none apparition).

The entire class on the elections day

Pablo showing his speech

FH after the elections

In addition here you can see two comments that I have write to some blogs, the first one is on a blog about leadership styles that I have used in order to have further information about the topic, and the second comment is on our colleagues' group.

All in all, the entire class have worked very hard on this 8th task and we all hope that the next one (which is the last one) can allow us to finish an unforgettable course!!



  1. Hello Frisky HedgeDogs,I'm Sara from Fluffy Guardians! I wanted to tell you that we liked very much your speech, we liked your outifts in green and the passion you put during the presentation, It was so cool and one of the best in our opinion, keep going like that! I just missed a little fluency talking in the presentation but it's normal taking into account the nerves. Good job friskies!!

    1. Hi Sara and Fluffies! We are so happy that you liked our presentation! Thanks for your feedback,