Friday, May 13


Hi, I’m Anthony and I will be the last journalist for the Frisky Hedgehogs. We are all dying to finish with all the tasks, and finally out time has come! This has been our week:

Day 1 – Monday, 9 May
We divided the documents among the 8 members of the group. The idea was to get the main ideas out as quick as possible, so most of the time was spent working on that.

Day 2 – Tuesday, 10 May

We met in the afternoon and worked hard to leave everything ready for the great day. We started by putting in common the connections we found, by explaining them to the rest of the group. While we explained, our two stars were taking notes, creating the presentation for Wednesday.

One of our stars got sick and could present the task the next day, so after some discussion I ended up being a star. So apart from this post, you can see some of my experiences in the stars’ post. Therefore, after the rest of the team left, I and the other star stayed to keep working on the script and the presentation.

Day 3 – Wednesday, 11 May
I and another star presented the work. We decided to explain the contents with a constant interaction, where we made some funny comments and also answered question we asked to each other about the subject. You can read more about that in the stars’ post.

The class before the speed-learning

The rest of the team went around the classroom to see the posters the other teams made, and took some photos for me. Here you can see those posters:

I also left some feedback in TheJuncharees' blog:

"Hi, I'm Anthony from the Frisky Hedgehogs! Although I couldn't see your presentation I liked your reflections... Good job!"

I also stumbled upon , more concretely upon a post about Complexity Theory. The post mentions the article "Complexity Theory, School Leadership and Management: Questions for Theory and Practice" by Morrison, K. It talks about some of the bad things of the CT, but it also mentions the great importance it has within the school. Maybe you could check it out!

Apart from the information about our week, I think I should speak about a bit of everything, as this will be the last journalist’s post. In my opinion, this is a fun role, as you get to speak about easy things, and go taking pictures and letting the readers know how we are doing.

I believe the team has being doing a great work throughout this course, everyone in their own role, and that’s why our artifacts ended up being so awesome! I must say that it hasn’t been easy, we have had to work hard, and some of us have stayed the whole afternoon to get our presentations ready. But in the end, I’m glad Linda made us work so hard, because that’s what learning is all about: working hard, and not memorizing some stuff just to pass and exam. Obviously, you can do so, but you are just wasting your time, learning is about working, not memorizing. Take that into account every time you (or your students) have some information to work on.

Well, I guess now it's us against the exam... GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!

I hope you liked my post, thanks for reading.

Anthony Carlson

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