Friday, May 6


Hi, I'm Anthony, facilitator for Task 8. I'm going to explain how we have worked this week:

Our objective was to present a candidate (the star) to be the leader (director) of a school.
We had to choose the kind of leadership we wanted and create a party with that ideology.

From among the four possibilities we had, we chose the participative leadership, which consists in a leader that is above everyone, but doesn't impose his rules. Instead, he prefers talking to the people he will lead, in order to make rules with their collaboration. We believe this leader is a great leader because he really seeks the best for the people.

First, our team was divided in three groups:
- The first one included the star, our candidate. The objective of this group was to take pictures of our candidate and make them look appealing to the people we'd like to vote for us.
- The second group wrote the speech our candidate would give on Wednesday. The speech included information about the ideas we had, as well as a critic to the other kinds of leaderships.
- The last group was in charge of making all the additional things to make our party popular: flyers, videos, banners...

We spent all Tuesday afternoon working on the presentation. We decided we would make green our colour, so we all wore green T-shirts on Wednesday. We gave the final touches to the speech and the future director read it aloud.

On Wednesday, wearing our green T-shirts, we all stood in front of the class. While the star spoke, we holded banners. Before that we distributed some flyers and passed a short video.

At the end everyone gave us a big applause. We had a great time preparing this activity, and I hope you too!

Thanks for reading.

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