Wednesday, May 11


Hi! I'm Edu Gálvez and this week, for "the last task", I have the role of "facilitator", or boss of the group. Now, I'm going to explain the dinamic of work that we have followed:

Basically, we had to create a connection map in which we would include a net of relationships among two new texts about Schools that learn ("Estructuras para el trabajo y la coordinación de los profesores en los centros" by María Teresa González González & "Los centros educativos como organizaciones que aprenden: una mirada crítica" by Antonio Bolívar) and our knowledge about Complexity & Connections (last two tasks).

The two new texts have different subtitles, so firstly I divided that according the members of my group. Later, we made a brief summary of each one. Once we did that, we started to make relationships. We did that on Monday and, on Tuesday, we met to finish the task in a work room's university: connection map and speed of the stars. However, not everything is perfect as it seems: one of the star (Cristina) got terribly aphonic, so she could not carry out the presentation. Finally, Anthony replaced her and he and Jose did a great job!

I have to say that I'm a bit sad because this is the last blog entry that I post with Frisky Hedgehogs. It has been a pleasure.

I hope that you have enjoyed with us,

Edu Gálvez ;-)

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