Thursday, April 28


Hi guys! I'm Edu Gálvez and this week I have the role of "star".

As last week, the whole class has worked as a single group, so I have not been able to develop my role as "voice" of my group: Frisky Hedgehogs. However, in this post I'm going to inform you about what I have done this week:

On Monday, I was selected to be part for one of six subgroups that complete the whole task. My subgroup was directed by my partner Isabel Ramírez de Arellano Sevilla and my mission was to organize the set of recording for Wednesday. I had to do that with my partner Elena González Morales. Firstly, we looked for sofas to recreate "El Diario De Patricia" (in this case, "The Diary Of Leona") and a place to recorde it. Later, we looked for backgrounds for chroma  on YouTube.

On Wednesday, "the day of recording", we prepared the scenary. In addition, I partipated in the video representing part of the public of the TV show. It was very very very funny, I enjoyed it so much!

Good weekend and until next week! ;-)

Edu Gálvez

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