Friday, April 15


Hi everyone I'm Edu Espinosa and this week I was the star of the 6th task, "Complexity and relationships".

As a star I felt very nervous at the beginning because I do not really know what I have to do. This could sound something strange, all in all the only thing which a star has to do is present the artifact but, this week it was not like that.

On Tuesday, which was the previous day of the presentation, I met with the rest of Frisky Hedgehogs in order to explain carefully all about the topic, that was something great for me because I realize that everybody was very concerned about the importance of a good representation by the star.

After all, on Wednesday, Linda tell us what we have to do and it was like... OMG!

The thing that we had to do was organize a group for making like a newspaper and represent some piece of new in a visual way so, we started by dividing the work and doing all the necessary things, such as make a casting, decide what piece of new were going to be represented, make a script...

All in all, there is one week more of working with this topic so we will see how it goes.

Hi I'm Pablo, the second star this week.

For me, I was repeating as a star, so I already knew how it was to be one. Nevertheless, when the artifact was presented, I felt kind of lost and curious because I didn't know how we were going to present.

On Wednesday, the teacher divided all the stars in to different groups. The main stars as bosses of the TV news, and the second stars "theater directors". Me and the other second stars worked with the actors finding the best ideas for the representation we have to make.  I liked this idea, because the whole class is working together for a big task.

We have to continue working on this task for another two weeks, but I think that the final result it's going to be really good.


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