Wednesday, April 6


Hi everyone!

I´m Pepi and this week I have the Star role! Well, to say the truth, I have not performed like the Star, Moovly has! This week we had to make a review of all the contents that we had learnt during these weeks before Easter holidays and present it on a tool such as Moovly, that was which we used.

As a Star, I only had to present the video in front of my classmates today. All was well until this moment, I got quite nervous, even more when I pressed the button to make the video starts and it could not be heard, so it was embarrasing and disappointing. Finally and although the audio problems, we had quite good mark from our classmates!Thanks guys!

And that was all, I hope for the next time I have to performance Star role could be different and write more about the experience!

Next week more!
All my love

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