Wednesday, April 13


Hi everyone, I'm Fran and this week I am the journalist!

 11 - April - Monday 

Linda has explained us the topic of this week, which is about the complexity of schools. To develop this task this week we needed 2 stars. To study this topic we have focused mainly in two documents, the first one divided in 6 sections and the second one in 5 sections.
Our job consisted in two parts.
Firstly, we had to read the first document, which was about different situations in the school, and find news that were related with each different part of the document. This part was the one that had to be represented by the first star.
Secondly we had to read the second document, which was about relationships in the school, and we had to imagine a situation for each section. Representing this part was the job of the second star.
To carry out the activity we decided to divide the work and each member of the group was focused in a specific point but they had to read the whole documents to better understand the main idea.

12 - April- Tuesday 

Our work was to put together all the opinions and ideas about the task and try to make it easier to the stars the comprehension of what they had to present. In order to do that, each member of the group explained to both stars the parts that they had focused more and they also explained an example or an imaginary situation related to their topic.

13 - April - Wednesday

They day of the presentation, our stars were a little bit nervous because they didn’t know exactly what they had to do to present the task, but they were well prepared. Linda surprised us again proposing us a great activity in which the stars number 1 would be the bosses of a working group of editors and the stars number 2 would be bosses of other working group; the actors.
The idea of this activity was to create a script, the job of the editors, for showing up the news that the stars of each group had selected and this news must be represented by the actors.
 We worked separated but in the end we had to reach a common objective, in addition, the actors also had to represent the situation that each group had thought about education.

Here are the comments in one of my classmates blog and other blog outside the class. 

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