Thursday, April 7


 The team was working hard Monday and Tuesday to get the best summarising video ever. The result was not so good as we had in our minds although our classmates were quite kind in their punctuations. Our first idea was to create a travel inside the student brain as a visit to the learned contents and tools related to the subject. We found a brain image to start the video and then we looked for a vehicle to show the journey. The rocket seemed perfect for that. We tried to get the speed effect and we achieved it by moving the background (in this case, the stars). We found a background which could looked as a brain, a circle pattern mixed with other image. Then we introduced the characters and objects which could help to show the topics we have studied. 

Before all of that, we made an structure of the text we wanted to use to explain the sum up of the last weeks. Finally it was too long and we had to cut some parts. We did not have a microphone there so we used the phone. What a surprise when we realized that it could not be listened properly in class. We could do it finally, with a laptop. We used moovly as the support for our video because it was more professional but we could see great videos from our classmates made in powtoons as well. 

The contest was very exciting, it was fun and we remembered all the issues we had learned in the subject. Our mark was just a 5, and I found it very fair because the other groups made really good videos. Especially Tuttifruttis, who had almost all the tops. But this is not finish, the mark of our classmates is just a little part of the final mark. So, we will see in a close future...

This was the comment I let to my classmates "The Tuttifruttis":

And this was an education blog that I found really interesting: LEOXICON BLOG

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