Friday, April 22


Hi, I'm Anthony and I've been the star this week.

Well, this time the role "star" was different than usual, instead of presenting our work for the week, done by Frisky Hedgehogs, all of the class had to work in two groups: editors and actors. The editors had to put together a script to represent one of the pieces of news selected from the previous week, and the actors were the ones who had to... well, act.

I was part of the actors. I starred in a short video about a teacher who has some gypsy students that can't buy textbooks. I played the teacher, and my job was to explain what they are trying to do in the school, this is, their way of working without the textbooks.

As expected, we had to record it a few times, because someone forgot their line, or started laughing for apparently no reason (that would be me). But, in the end, all of us did a great effort and the editors said it turned out pretty cool!

I certainly hope other actors found it as amusing as me, and also let's hope the editors do a good job putting it all together !

That's all I can say right now...!


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