Friday, April 22


Hi everyone,I'm Pablo and this week I'm the translator. This are the terms that I thought were interesting.

Theater Director: This is the person in the stage that have to supervise the actors in everything they are doing. He or she has to direct the actions of the show and they have to be involved in every part of the production to make sure everything is done in the right way.

Teleprompter: A machine that has prepared text used by someone who is speaking to a live audience , for example a TV caster, to helps them to say everything so they don't make mistakes.

Editor-in-chief: Is the editor in charge that have the final decision on how the publication is going to be. They also have to manage the everyday edition to make sure everyone is working correctly.

Chroma key: Is a technique used to make special effects. In the recording a green layer is put behind you need to make an special effect. You can add landscapes, background effects etc.

Video editing: Is the process where after you finished all the recording  you put all this footage together so the final video looks good and in order. In the edition you can also include all the effects you want.

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