Thursday, April 28


Hi everyone, Pablo here.

Although this week I already have the curator role,  I was also a "boss". This week we had to make the other video of the 6th task(complexity and relationships) and since I was the second star in that task I got the role of one of the theater directors. We had to make the video for the relationship part.
With the other directors, we planned how the video was going to be so we divided every chapter and then we talked to the actors and making groups, we started to developed how every part was going to be.

The recording week we settled everything for Wednesday to make things easier at the time of recording. We chose the actors, the props we needed... On Wednesday we started recording. The part I had to direct was the "Connections within learning". The recording was Ok, everything was going smoothly, we had fun doing it... But the tough part was the editing of the video. Me and other bosses spent mainly the whole day editing the videos so at the end we were exhausted, but it was fun to do it.

 I think this whole task is interesting and we are working the whole class as a team to do something we can be proud of and could be helpful for us as future teachers.

I hope you enjoy it!!

Pablo García.

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