Thursday, April 28


Hi everyone this is Edu Espinosa again as the official facilitator of Frisky Hedgehogs!!!

The issue of this week has been very similar to the last one, as you can read on the titlle, we still are going through the third part of the same task!! Just amazing!!

As you all already know, on this last weeks we were not working only as Frisky Hedgehogs group because each one of us took part of a different work-group, for example there is a group of editors (which I took part last week), another one of actors, producers and so on. This means that, as my colleague Edu Gálvez said last week, I can not have the "real" opportunity of being the facilitator in charge of my group. 

On the other hand I tried to act such a facilitator on my work-group, for that I used to help and make the things easier for the rest of people as much as I could, in addition I have to say that, at least on my work-group, we all have worked very hard in order to reach the objective.

All in all, I'm very happy about the entire class work because it seems that everyone of us provide such a kind of help although the initiative is sometimes extinted.

Thanks for reading!!

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