Friday, April 22


From star to... chief editor!!!

Hi guys I'm Edu Espinosa and although this week I have any role and I should  rest (such as a good assistant), I liked to write about my experience as editor, concretely chief editor, but before puking out my experience on this post, I will tell you how I become one of the chief editors of Task 7, part 2.
Well, it was all thanks to Linda because she said that the previous task stars would be the chief editors.  That's all mr. Edu? Yes, that's all, what did you expect? An amazing and incredible story full of mental strategies, dodges and so on? Come on...

About my experience of being an editor I have to say that it was quite nice because I have to work with a different group of people different from the Frisky Hedgehogs and the working way was completely different, something that helps me to learn more about ways of doing the task-work (I'm not saying that working with Frisky Hedgehogs is bad, I'm really really happy with them). In order to do the task, first of all we had to organize our team,  although we were about  eight chiefs I felt like one of those boss of a international business because there were many people waiting for our decisions about the issue they have to do.

After the organization of the news and their appearance on the news TV show, every single chief editor had to film (with his little team formed by actors, reporter, camera...) the piece of new assigned to him or her. At the end of this filming the file must be delivered to our "floor manager", big Jose.
On the filming set we were also with Linda, who was taking photos and helping us with everything we needed.

All in all the Video is been made by Jose who is helped by some others producers and "sometimes" by the editors, they are doing a great job for sure!!

Thanks for reading, see you soon bloggers.

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