Tuesday, April 12



This is Pepi and this week I´m THE BOSS...! Well, I have tried....I´ll explain briefly how I have organized the work this week.

On Monday, our teacher gave us a knowledge base in order to better understand and be in context with the readings that we had to do. As there were two chapters with 11 subparts, I asked each one to read a part and depending on the chapter, do the right work. All of us did one part except the two stars, as they had to present it, and me as facilitator that we did two each one. For Monday evening I asked to finish the individual part and please read the full text to have a full vision. I read both chapters and all the work they did.

On Tuesday evening, we met in Luis Vives Library, and to encourage them I cooked a chocolate pastry! Then, we started checking all the work done, explaining to the stars what we had read and explaining deeply for them, to better understand.

On Wednesday, it was amazing!!Our teacher told us the second part of this task, which is completely different and must work the whole class together! Stars did not have to present the work, we will see the results on the two following weeks!

And that was all for now!Next week much more and better!
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