Friday, April 8


Hi everyone, I am  Fran and this week I had been the facilitator.

This week we didn't have to work on a new topic. Instead, we had to summarize what we had learnt the previous weeks. This means, not the things Linda has taught us, but what we have LEARNT.
The job of this week consisted in summarizing what we consider that we have learnt in a 2' video.

At first we had to decide what to include, because the video had an specific duration, but it wasn't very difficult to reach an agreement, as we considered the same points to be important.

The problems appeared once we started making the video because we didn't know how to use properly the application to create the video. But when we started working we were suprised by all the posibilites the application offered us. We spent the whole evening creating the video and at the end we were proud of the result.

The problem was that the day of the presentation we compared our video with others and we saw how amazing  some of them were. This made us think that our video was not at the same level as other but also give us more reason to try to improve future works and not to relax.

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