Tuesday, April 19


This week we have worked in the same topic as the previous week, Complexity and Relationships in School, but we have worked in a different topic because we had to develop a new project, we had to represent the news that we had collected last week. To do that, we have worked the entire class but divided in different groups. During this process we have realized how difficult is to work with many people to reach a common objective but we have also learnt how to surpass this situation.
In order to be productive we have had to find the best way of working and as I see it we have managed the time we had very well and from my point of view we have taken into account the following methodologies.

The Complexity Theory,  a complex system or organization consists of a number of levels, with each level having a recognizable open boundary (Waldrop, 1992). At each level there are connections between the parts where knowledge emerges through interaction. 

This is the experience that we have lived this week because we have worked all the class together and we have seen that the Complexity Theory is real. It is very difficult to organize many people to reach a common objective because it is necessary to divide the work in smaller groups to develop different sections, but at the same time everyone can give advices to others, give opinions... in order to improve the work or even create new contents.  We can find editors, actors, writers, decorators and so on. Each one of these groups is specialized in his section but they can look over other’s work and try to improve it giving new perspectives.

The Cooperative Learning, it comes form the Constructivism that supports the idea that students actively construct their knowledge from their personal experiences with others and the environment. The Cooperative Learning is a method in which small groups work together to make sense of new information or solve a new problem.

The way we are working the task this week consist in a cooperative learning, I mean, the whole group is divided is smaller groups to solve specific problems, if we need to create a script we need a group of writers, but someone has to interpret the scrip, then we need the group of actors. We will also need someone for recording, for editing, for organizing… That’s what I mean we have many problems to solve so we create different groups and these groups must be in contact because in the end we have to reach a common objective.

Also the Connectivism, to carry out this project we have been looking for new tools that can be helpful, as we cannot find all the available tools in the web we took advantage of the knowledge of our classmates, I mean their previous knowledge, because someone maybe knows a tool to edit the video, another one a tool to create animations, to organize the script... If everyone shares his knowledge, we are more efficient and we learn from others.
I liked this quote from Karen Stephenson:
"The experience has been considered the best teacher of knowledge. Since we can not experience all the experiences of others, and therefore other people, become surrogates of knowledge. "

Finally the Bloom’s Taxonomy, it organizes the learning process in different levels, which are the following: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. I am going to focus on analyzing, evaluating and creating because I consider these the most important ones.
Analyzing consist in drawing connections among ideas, in order to do that it is necessary organization, to contrast information and making questions. To develop our task we had to follow this steps, we needed to organize people for working, see the information that we had and contrast that information to verify if it was useful and make questions by ourselves to know what was our objective what were the points that we wanted to take into account and how we wanted to develop them.

Evaluating consist in justifying decisions, it is necessary to argue and give reasons why a decision have been take, but also it is good to make critics, because it allows us to see possible mistakes. The same happened while we were working in our project, if we justify our decision and allow people to be critic we will improve our work.

Creating consist in doing something original, during the whole process in our project we were creating something new. We designed our own project and developed the ideas that we propose by ourselves.

Francisco Ángel Guillamón Martínez.

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