Friday, April 8


Hi everyone! Pablo here.

This week I'm the analyst of FH so I'm going the make the reflection of how the group did during this week. First of all, for me this is the most difficult role because I don't really know what to write about, but I'll do my best.

This week's task was about recap. We had to make a 2 minutes video about what we had learn through the seven weeks of this subject.

In my opinion, the best part was the day of the presentation because this week we made a contest to know what video was the best, and it was kind of funny and original. With the contest in our minds, we worked really hard and we tried our best. Despite not winning we had great fun doing it. The worst part was the editing of the video. As usual, we only had two days to do the task, so we already had this handicap, but  making a video in that short period of time complicates it even more! We spent basically all Tuesday making and editing the video. We had some difficulties with the app and also in the day of presentation the audio in the speakers of the class was awful, so the first impression of our video was bad.

From my point of view, this task was very necessary, because thanks to it we could see how much we know about this subject, so we could know how we were going. For me, this task got me thinking about how my situation was going, and I started to reconsider that I needed to pay more attention and work in a better way. Regarding to the contest part, it helped us to do our best, as well as giving us some different activity, as presentation after presentation becomes somehow boring.

Going back to the group, I think we are working better than at the beginning. We are starting to connect as a real group, and we are also getting to know each other better. That's the main reason why the group is working better. Nevertheless, there are always some discussions, but we established a "democracy" system when we have to make a decision so we accelerate the work and we don't get stuck. I'm sure there a lot of things we could improve, but the only thing I can think of is the execution of the work. Once we decide and divide the work among the group, some of us take more time to start working because we get distracted with other things, and this can slow the group down.

In relation to the task, maybe it could be related with some parts of the subject Developmental Psychology, because when we recapped all the things we knew in School Organization, we were using the long-term memory, something that we learned in Developmental Psychology.

All in all, if we continue working in this way and if we try to correct some mistakes, the progression of the group is going to grow way more.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it interesting!!

Pablo García.

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