Thursday, March 17


Hi guys! I'm Edu Gálvez and this week I'm the 'translator' of the group. You can see here the five most important terms that I have chosen as to the topic of this week: "the dark side of textbooks".

·INFOGRAPHIC → As its name indicates, it makes reference to information, data or knowledge which is represented in a graphic. It has been developed in recent years to be adapted to mass media. All people know what is a circle chart, and it is a clear example of infographic. I have to to say that I have chosen this term because, at the beginning of the week, we thought in “infographic” for completing the task, but finally we chose the comic as way of work.

·BROKEN MARKET → According to the topic of this week, the broken marked is those that happen in the textbook's market when:
1. Students (final consumers) do not choose the product.
2. The product is chosen by a educational institution.
3. The product is paid by parents of students.
Mainly, as result of that, textbooks have a price unsustainable and their quality is bad.

·E-TEXTBOOK → Basically, it is an electronic textbook, which represents an useful way for getting the content that children need for studying without spending a high amount of money. E-textbook is not an innovation, but recently it has experienced an increase thanks to digital gadgets.

·OPEN TEXTBOOK → It is a textbook with an open copyright license and available online for everybody who need it. Everyone can get an open textbooks by different ways: printed, online or audio format. It can be purchased at litlle or no cost, so it is another right way for saving money, as e-textbooks.

·EDUCATIONAL POLICY → Redarging to “the dark side of textbooks” (topic of this week), I can say that actually there is a educational policy based in the following net of relationships:
1. High states of the Policy in Education
2. Editorials, schools and teachers
3. Children and their relatives
As result of the educational policy that we are living nowadays, it exists the “broken market” that I have mentioned before.

I hope this information will help you,
Edu Gálvez :)

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