Thursday, March 17


Hi everyone, it's Fran and I had been the star this week.

The topic of this week was "The Dark Side of  Textbooks". At first I thought that this topic was very easy to prepare for presenting, but I didn't know exactly how the presentation was going to be so I felt I little bit nervous.

In the case of our group we decided to create a comic to criticize textbooks. Creating the comic was a great and funny experience but also time consuming, in addition I had to think how to relate the contents that we wanted to criticize about textbooks and the history that we created in our comic.

The day of presenting nervous I was very nervous, because as I said it, I didn't exactly what I had to do, but once the lesson started I felt more comfortable. My job consisted in expalining my comic to a group formed by members of others group.
After that working together we had to identify the mistakes of the comic and the contents that could be included, in order to improve future projects.
Later we created a question that we would include in an oral exam about "The dark Side of Textbooks". Once we had finished our question, I presented in front of the class the comic and also the question that we had created.

From my own point of view it's been great working with other people not from my group to have other perspective about our comic, I really like this experience.

Thanks for reading!

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