Thursday, March 10


This week we repeat the last presentation but with a few improvements.

Last Wednesday we could see as the projector was not showing the real colors, and that was a real obstacle to explain our topic in the way we had thought. We wanted to improve the presentation, keeping the good things it had and changing the bad ones, so we reorganized the presentation. 

The explanation would be simpler and more accurate in the new project. We had also to reduce the time for the lesson so we take off some words of the power point, we changed the colors to do it completely understandable and clear, we added the common licenses to our images and we did the rehearsal with the chronometer on.

We had a better idea to teach primary and secondary colors. It was very simple but totally clear, so our relationship with the audience was better than in the first exposition. 

We used cellophane papers to show the mixt of the colours. We brought a flashlight to make it clearer although when we did it, we put the flashlight a little far from the volunteers handling the papers and the effect wasn’t so good. Anyway, we think the lesson was perfectly understandable this time, and also funny and involvement for our audience.

Things are easier when you know who is your audience, when you know the steps to follow and when you feel you are controlling the situation.

The general feeling of the class was better this time. 

We felt proud of our improvements although we know things can be always better.

+On Wednesday we also had to make a tutorial showing how to be the best star. Here it is:

Second week as stars,
Cristina Rodríguez & Edu Gálvez.

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  1. Hi Friskys! I´m David, the journalist of Loonatics this week.
    In my opinion, your presentation about colors was great, the stars were in a very original way. About the task of this week, it was nice to work with your journalist Jose, he motivated us a lot in the video.