Friday, March 4


Star task 3

I usually like to be the star, but I always end up with that feeling about I could do it much better. The mind is powerful and inside of it I see it clearly and super bright but the reality is not always even the half part of the imagined.
In this case, Edu and me had the colours idea and everyone liked it so we felt comfortable working with it and each other. Both have difficult schedules but we could meet at night after work to rehearse and we were very excited about the presentation.
Then, it was the time; what a disappointment that the colours in the screen weren’t the same we had… the red was scarcely red, the yellow look as green… a disaster! The presentation was based in the colours and the feelings they produce as cold and warm colours so I had to improvise and say everybody to close their eyes and imagine the colour we want to talk about.
I got dressed in red to represent warm colours and Edu in blue to do the same with cold ones, but finally I didn’t use it at all for the explanation. When we read the guideline about the task of this week, we are sure that we had to choose a topic related to any primary content, but NOT for being explained for children. So, obviously we missunderstood that instruction.
Not everything was bad, at least we moved around the space, and we try to catch the audience by interacting with them, as Linda said, that was a good point. And of course, there was not so easy to prepare something great in two days and for four minutes. You need more than that to explain well something to children. Therefore, there are a lot of understandable points to take account but, with all that, I still think it was not a good and professional performance and I expected more from me because I am used to be on the stage or work as a teacher and I was even nervous. I felt as if I had never been in such a situation, and I felt insecure during the speech.
As I said, working with Edu Galvez was great because we think similar and we like acting and so on. To have a good environment with peers when you are working in groups is very important. I think we should say the good things that one person do for the group every time, because it is usual that we say the mistakes and bad things but they do not remark the good ones. We studied that positive feedback is good in order to learn. So, how do not we use it more often?

Edu Gálvez
I completely agree with Cristina's reflection. I could repeat ALL of the words that she has said. I love working with people like her. Regarding the presentation's time, I thought that I would feel more nervous, but when I said the first phrase, I calmed down. My weak point is my English level, so I felt nervous by that. However, I got happy when we finished the presentation.

On the other hand, I think that a good environment for working is very important. So I would like, when I do something (always with my best intention, of course), members of my group would try to find the positive part, not ONLY negative things. With a positive thinking, all “faces” of the our life will be much better.  

Luckily we have the opportunity to repeat it and improve it. This time must be perfect, not excuses. We want to be good teachers, original, creative, professional and loving teachers, so this is the moment to show it, to try things, to learn, to fall and get up again. Let’s do it!

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  1. Hi Frisky Hedgehogs!! I am Elena González, the journalist of The Chalkies for this week.I wanted to congratulate all of you, especially the 2 stars for your great presentation. The topic was quite interesting for children from primary education and above all, you explained it in an interesting way, making the public to participate and moving around the class,that is something that nobody else did. I also like your blog since it is well organized and you can find what you are looking for quickly.
    Good luck and keep on working like that!
    Your mates from the Chalkies.