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Frisky Hedgehogs (FH) are anything but robots. They all have personal opinions, different points of view and unique emotions. They have been working every week dealing with any task, comparing ideas and asking doubts. There is a factor which differs in any component FH, The role. Any Frisky feel the weight of any role in a different way. The Star has the responsibility of a mule which grabs the baggage of an Everest expedition of 25 non-professional Americans mountaineer with their butts full of McDonalds French fries. The Analyst is in charge of the future, the reflexion is something FH into the group want to ensure in every task and, of course, “by marking someone grade you are building her/his final mark, it’s a great responsibility”, FH said. The facilitator is the oil for FH, everything must run smoothly, this a heavy backpack full of fuel, screw and screwdriver, upon the back of the Facilitator as in a bicycle, pedals, chains, handlebars, breaks and the EQUILIBRIUM are all managed in a coordinated way so as not to fall down. The role is something that matter, obviously, it is the fact of the role what makes any FH in any week feel different from other thus putting more or less meat into the BBQ each week.  Their emotional connection, their motivation and their experience has connected with the weekly role it is an important fact that any of them is feeling inside.

FH are youth with big dreams, weak but powerful, with a doughty soul keen to keep moving on but above everything FH are Humans people.


TIPS FOR HEDGEHOGS, Mastering a role.

Let's put the show on the rope! When you think a product is good as if no one can develop the same, brilliant, superb, outstanding, there are no adjectives to describe how you love your materials and how beautiful they are as if nothing in the entire world could have such a quality. Many times it's because the only thing measure is time-consumed, the amount fo hours you spend to make it not the value of the result or whether the result is really what you were looking for. In this cases a good "thug life" just to make you open your eyes, just to help you to glaze far away from your belly is perfect. If everyone is telling you that you look like a camel, please! look yourself in the mirror.
What I want to ask you is to close your eyes, breath few times, no less than ten, relax and when your eyes open, expand your mind and watch the following video....

Now, next time you develop the journalist role be sure to follow this tips and to fulfill each step and do not think everything you make is perfect or unique. your time is valuable now you are in charge to make it worthy.



It isn't to laugh but a smile in a sharp moment is better than a slap. FH though that everything was ok but the reality it wasn't as suppose. Every component of the group believe the roles played in the past weeks were played in a master way; Everything under control! the facilitator said; Don't worry!  were the words of the journalist when no work was showed yet on Friday, even the Analyst believe in hiding the marks with saying nothing at all; I think is better to maintain the secret!! Even the start was working in many times alone and letting for the last moment to show the presentation for the rest of the FH.
All in all, these are mistakes from where FH are learning a lot more than from any book, but of course, after teacher remark in class that she was spotted several mistakes which could be useful to repair the damage done before, a damage in a sense that is not another thing that learning, inspire and spark FH to better performance in future task.


We all tend to commit  mistakes, sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassment. But the important fact is, at least, do something, who does something can be wrong but who doesn't  do anything is in a mistake without a doubt. 
On Monday, FH did a cool representation  and one of the stars mispronounced the cold word which sound as a vegetable (Cabbage) in Spanish (Col), In this case, the pronunciation was "cool" instead of cold.
The star worked with it in a magnificent manner, he got the audience into his pocket brilliantly, LOL! excuse me for this but I can avoid write it. 
Remember, next time you feel cold in Spain  there is a vegetable which sounds similar, try to be careful in a restaurant if you ask for the heating system because you are cold you could order a vegetable dish.
If you are in a good mood you can watch the entire representation. I know a big guffaw is going to turn out from your heart.



After a tough week, Monday wake up with a difference light, after a  Friday in which a motivating meeting was carried out letting the group an amount of things to rethink. Monday, FH got the class early, eager to see  the result the work done for the Stars which was perfectly redone on Friday and everyone wanted to see the staging.
As expected, the representation was fantastic and the show was presented with a good quality, rhythm and presence. The facts of connecting with the audience and narrow the presentation focusing on children were outstanding displayed. FH, of course, known there are things to improve, in fact, as they said, "we are here to learn". 
Now FH is just a moment of relaxing because on Friday the work was really hard and on Monday was the day of harvesting but don't sleep deeper because this only was the third week of a long path to walk and a deep ocean of wisdom to scuba dive. All dreams are coming, be ready for tackle them as they come.

My sources as Journalist this week

I find a great amount of information about what means to be a journalist in different web-pages such as New Your Film Academy. The sea of magazines to read about everything, ISSUU, the largest collection of free to read magazine  publication either commercially and independent. And, The Guardian, the digital newspaper edition I read every day in which always I have something hilarious to read.

´The Guardian ISSUUNew York Film Academy
The Guardian           ISSUU              New York Film Academy

Jose A Gómez

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