Thursday, March 17


Hi everyone!
Pablo here, journalist of FH this week. Here you can see how this week went for the Friskies.

14 - March - Monday.

The first day, as always, the teacher explained us the task we had to do. This week was about "The dark side of textbooks". For this task we had to do a comic or an info-graphic explaining why the textbook is nowadays worse than other instruments. We decided to make a comic, because we thought it could be more interesting and less monotonous than an info-graphic. Also we had some good ideas for the comic, that's  why at the end we decided to go with it.
Here you can see a photo of us thinking in what we can do for the comic and choosing the best way to do it.

15 - March - Tuesday.
The second day we went to class with fresh ideas of the comic, so after classes we went to the library to start doing the comic. First we all started saying what we thought about last day. After all the ideas were said we decided how the comic was going to be as you can see here.

After that we divided the work between the group and started to work in there. First we thought that it was going to be difficult because we didn't had time to see how the comic maker worked, but at the end it was much easier than we expected so we finished most of the work in that meeting.
Here you can see us working that day.

16 - March - Wednesday.
Finally in the presentation day we had everything ready to be shown. But the presentation of this week was quite different, because we had to stay in other group, analyze the star of the group we get assigned and between this new group create a question about the topic that could appear in the oral exam.
Here you can see some photos of this day.

Also this week I commented on The Chalkies blog and on this web page about other method instead of textbooks..

I hope you enjoy it!!
Pablo García.

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