Friday, March 4


Hello, fellas! It’s Anthony, Frisky Hedgehogs’ journalist for week 3, and this has been our busy week:

Day 1. Monday 29th February
This week was more organized than the previous one, as the task was already uploaded, which made it easier for our facilitator to divide the task among the team. Both stars started designing the presentation they had to make for Wednesday, our topic being the colors, while the rest of us worked on the first slideshow, about CC and presentations.

Day 2. Tuesday 1st March
We had an hour break between classes, so we divided the groups again and continued working on our slideshows. We gave some final touches to the CC and presentations slideshow… and meanwhile the stars finished their PowerPoint about our topic!
By the end of the day, they had their work ready to show the team, so they did. The rest of us pointed out some things that could be corrected and that was it, everything was ready for the great day!

Day 3. Wednesday 2nd March
The most cool-looking stars Frisky Hedgehogs had on this 3rd task presented our AWESOME work! But in the end, things didn’t turn out so well. The teacher didn’t like any of the works presented, but gave us a second chance to present our work on Monday 7th.

Day 5. Friday 4th March
We arranged to meet up after class to put some info in common and fix our presentation for Monday. We got other issues clear before working, as our facilitator thought it would be an important step. After that topic was discussed, the stars went on to show us the new presentation for Monday. We hope to impress our teacher with our new work.

During the week I was looking at some blogs:
- Looking for blogs relating to the topic I stumbled upon I wasn’t able to leave a comment but spent some time looking at some entries it had. In that blog you can read interesting articles about the CC licenses, and improve your knowledge on the subject. For example, the first article that appeared was about Bowie’s album cover Blackstar being released under a CC license so that it could be used and remixed around the world, backed up with an interview with the person who designed said cover. It’s always more fun to learn some facts from a particular issue than the theoretical part of, therefore I would encourage you to visit it!


I also posted a comment on Tuttifrutis’ blog: We all have to support one another, so c’mon everyone, let’s go get ‘em!

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