Thursday, March 17


This week it was my turn to be facilitator and I was so lucky to have such a topic. I know from my own experience how teaching with textbooks is or teaching with other kind of resources because I am working as a teacher in the afternoons (academies, private lessons and extracurricular classes), and I can notice the big difference between working as a support’s teacher with textbooks and working as a real teacher on my own English classes.
Textbooks are often boring, contents are not really practical or useful in the real world. Children have to write and repeat the same kind of exercises again and again and most times the vocabulary is so basic, at least, in the case of English (in my opinion).

For these reasons I was more than happy to work in the “dark side of the books” and then, reading and looking into it I discovered more things to take into account such as the subjectivity of textbooks, the economic interests of publishers and governments, the church behind a few TB publishers and so on… (Some of them which I already knew, others that I didn’t).

The work’s structure during the week was the following:

The process of work was first of all choosing the platform we thought would fit best for our presentation (in our case, the comic), look the possibilities of the platform, read all the information and bring some ideas for the storyboard on Tuesday.

We shared all the ideas and thought about the contents we wanted to show. We worked on the script and the number of sketches to carry out. Once we agreed, we distributed the work and set the deadline for that evening. When each one did their work, we joined the scripts and fixed mistakes. Then we prepared the speech for the presentation.

We printed and laminated early in the morning and we were ready for the presentation. Fran was great in his performance and I think we came out with a good job.

We worked on our roles and wrote our experiences.

To conclude, I can say this subject is not the typical one. We have to work a lot by ourselves: search information on the internet, look for tools and ways to find the best things for our projects. In my opinion, it’s an intelligent an original way to teach. Maybe, it wouldn’t be possible for all the subjects (because of the contents or the lack of time), but undoubtedly, it’s a great way to focus this subject and the learning process. We are working here just for 5 weeks and I have the feeling I know much more than before and I feel more comfortable working with media every week. Also working in groups is not always easy, but sometimes there is good synchrony in the team and we have the insight that collaboration is worthy!

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