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I am Jose A Gómez The facilitator of  this week for task CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSES AND PRESENTATION. I have learnt an amount  of important things this week either to make a good presentation or using CC in a legal way. I am going to summarise  as much as possible.

Firstly, the work on Monday was delivered to each component of the group after reading the works that we must do for this week. On Tuesday, we put all parts together and make a poll through WhatsApp to take some decision, I should say that this is the toughest part of our daily lives as Frisky Hedgehogs. The moment of decisions making is not a strong point of us but as Facilitator, I was thinking about how to deal with that. On Wednesday the presentation was not so bad, to be honest, I consider that there were some aspects and points that can get better (you can see The Colours embedded below). By contrast, the material we use in class, as the projector, was not on our side, the colours were blurry and the structure suffered some imperfection. Moreover, I know that the one in charge on that was me, even Linda, the professor, said that every facilitator had failed what means that after that class I should do something, I must think of something different, and create a new way of working together to be the reborn Frisky Hedgehogs.
After several chatting through whatsApp for a few details, I set a meeting in a workroom at the library on Friday. I planning the meeting to speak about our intentions into this subject, what possibilities we have as a group, to ask for a bit more of empathy and spark our self-esteem.  All of us known that something ought to be done in other to deal with this subject as so to obtain a good grade and take advantage of the feedback that Linda was saying in the classroom on Wednesday. The great question was; what do you want to yourself regarding with this subject? All of us spoke about his/her personal ideas, ways to solve problems and, how to be much more assertive as a group.
Finally, we reach some rules to follow as a schedule to deal with each task weekly such as death lines, ways of pulls, and ways to reach agreements as soon as possible.
With these new tools in our pockets, we had been doing our best for next Monday presentation in which I am sure we will bright as if a new sun were raised from a dark horizon.

Here is the recorder of our own  presentation in which we show the emotions and the primary colours throughout a nice game making fellows taking part in it. 


Here there are our personal critic and reflexion of our presentation from Wednesday. This reflexion showed us where were our mistakes and allow us fixed them as accurate as possible, It has been one of the toughest work we have done at moment, but I should say it is really helpful to improve not only the presentation itself also to spark the heart of the group for making our best in future task. “Practice makes perfect” But it is important to focus on mistakes to solve them accurately.

I should say it is only a few things because other ways this post will be unending.
  • ·         The introduction of  our stars is nice.
  • ·         Second 36,   there is no introduction to the game. Maybe the nerves, maybe the moment but it is something to fix.
  • ·         The barrier of the podium is broken making the audience connect with the game
  • ·          Minute 1.10, the slide is not coordinate with the show.
  • ·          Minute 1.22, the facts linked with red colour are explained so fast for kids. For next ideas, we will delete some of them.
  • ·         With the yellow colour, no one takes part. The games are dangerous when we have only 4 minutes, but as we love the idea of teaching with games we are eager to give another try in the future ideas.
  • ·         Minute 2.12, same that minute 1.22, the fact is reading so fast and with many words to understand in the slide. 
  • ·         The time is over before starting with the primary colours. Maybe we consider so much to say in just 4 minutes time, “we are dreamers”. One thing is clear, In the future, we must be aware of the restriction of time we are given.
  • ·         Finally, the investigation of the influence of colours does not interest kids. We  will consider the influence of our presentation to teach something for kids between 6 and 11 years old.

With these considerations in mind, the group have restarted again a new presentation with a better idea, better design slides and planning a perfect slideshow taking into account the resources that we have in the classroom.

Making reflexion based on our mistakes lead us to understand, fix and deliver a new slideshow by far, much more adapted to our future students.

The second part of this week task that I was in charge to choose a group and analyse the worst, the mistakes and the best. In my notes, you can see the best and the weakest part of their representation in which they showed the topic, The Food Chain. This was the funniest due to the fact one of their start was dress up as a bear. I appreciate a lot that anyone of us turned up with this fantastic idea, I may say the bravest one. Besides, the presentation was weak on a few factors, here there are;

This mistakes helped us to rebuilt our presentation as well. Moreover, whether we paying attention to our mistakes we would fix them, other ways it will be difficult to learn something worthy. 
In my personal opinion this week we were taught a valuable lesson. We must read deeper to better understand the task perfectly, pay attention to details such as "The  W" questions before creating a slideshow and work in the group a bit more conscious about our future.

Thank you very much for reading!!.

The best.

Jose A Gómez

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