Friday, March 11



Hello! I’m Anthony, analyst for the FH and this has been our week:

To start, the week has been completely different, due to last week’s general mistake in the presentations.

Our two stars gave another presentation, this time in the proper way. The next day the teacher created different groups, with the idea of making us work with other people with the same role as us. The aim of these new groups was to create some kind of tutorial on how to be the best in the role we had. Therefore, instead of working with the Friskies, I had to team up with colleagues from the other teams, and this is what we came up with:

The best part of this new task is, in my opinion, the easy it will be for anyone to assume a new role, as all the info will be on YouTube, the blogs, and Twitter. Moreover, we have worked with other teams, so we were able to exchange information about the way they do the tasks, which could be helpful for future tasks.

The worst part was, indeed, the chaos it created. I was standing next to our journalist while he spoke to other members of the group, and I overheard them tell the journalist that there was a bit of confusion on how to do what needed doing.

What we learnt was how to present correctly. Last week the presentations were terrible, but this week all of them were so much better. This is because our teacher gave a lecture on the matter, which I believe helped all of us out.

And finally, I can’t really think of something I’d change. We are the students. Our job is to understand and accept what is told, and then apply it in order to get the highest mark.

Anthony Carlson 

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