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Hi everyone I'm Edu Espinosa and before explaining the analysis I'm going to begin by presenting myself, as I have said before, my name is Edu and I'm the 3rd analyst of Frisky Hedgehogs, my work is to make a reflection about the group's performance in this task, which is called "Using Creative Commons License".

First of all, I'm going to explain how the actual situation of the group is in order to make you all having a better understanding of the post.

Nowadays we are in the third task so we have some experience by working together, despite having made other projects such as TPACK or Cartography projections and the group works really nice, there's still a long path to walk until the end of the course, as well as experience to gain and problems to solve. Up to now all the members of the group act with a double dimension, the first one is doing the task by working together as a group, something which is what is expected to do, we all work in the class about the topic. The other part of our work is individually, I mean, as everyone of us have a different role, we use to work it (in my case, make the reflection) at home, but if one of us have a doubt at any moment, we do not think twice about put it on our WhatsApp group, maybe this ability to work together and try to solve everyone's problems is our secret weapon, we do not know yet, anyway, that is something which we definitely must keep as a group for the next weeks.

Getting back to the task, as I see it, and maybe the rest of Frisky Hedgehogs will agree with me, the best moment of this third activity was when it was presented to us because no-one of us knew what was the issue supposed of to do and, instead of getting nervous or also anxious, we did like a brain-storming (I think it is called like that) and we reach the first objective; knowing what we have to do in the task. On the other hand, the worse part of this project, and also something which we have to improve as a group, was undoubtedly some little discrepancies which we have had in order to get a common agreement in a few things, but the problem is not our little fights, it is the attitude that we have to solve them because in so many cases it is not like a constructively one and that kind of things are very important for a teacher, I mean, as a teacher we should take a "progressive or assertive" attitude in the sense that it will be really nice if our way to solve problems or set solutions is the most helpful, compressively one or also as thrive as possible.

From my own point of view, working with Creative Commons has been something very necessary because thanks to that we have learnt various things; first of all, all these issues about copyright, free use of online material and so on, but secondly (and for me the most important one) is the matter that Creative Commons is such a kind of idea to share and make things accessible to an entire community of learners (I'm focused on education aspects), which is, this "platform / license / instrument..." is a great type of tool for a teacher because it will allow us to have like a treasure trove of material and also a way to share gladly our work with others to improve education and society.

The other part of the task, which is "Presentations" is close and related to our last semester subject Planificación de la Acción Educativa, because presentations are a way to explain, I mean, they are a specific type of methodology (in that subject we studied methodology inside a specific unit), a way to explain something made by teachers. Otherwise, make a research far away of books, for example searching on the Internet for acquiring information about a theme, is an activity gathered by the Real Decreto de Educación Primaria, also studied in a different unit of Planificación de la Acción Educativa.

Finally, I must not overlook the conversation (rather it could be considered a monologue) that Linda had with the entire class about our Wednesday presentations and the effect made on Frisky Hedgehogs had due to it. What Linda said was a kind of schold but very useful because it was full of great advice for us as future teachers, obviously, it influence us and we decide to organize a meeting for talk about it, something which is an "intelligence" act because in the future it would be great if everyone of us could have the ability to stop for a moment and think about how is he or she doing their job, I mean, if the teacher job is been doing correctly and if it is not, what to do for correct it.

All in all, we do not stop being a group of students fighting for our degree and, for me, it is quite usual that we have mistakes, little fights, questionable choices, bad feelings and things like that but, that is exactly what allow us to gain experience and learn how we should act as future teachers when we are in front of a concrete situation. In other words, we can say: we are always (but now with more emphasis because we are studying that) in a continuous "building" of our way to act, as well as we are in a non-stop learning or educational process.

Thanks for reading.

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