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TERMS, Key words.
Mercator Map Projection:
Gerardus Mercator created the Mercator Map Projection in 1569. The aim of his map projection was to be useful in navigation. It is represented with a cylindrical shape in which the areas that are far away from the equator get distorted.

Robinson Map Projection:
Arthur H. Robinson created the Robinson Map Projection in 1963. The aim of his projection was to show an entire image of the world in a flat image. To do that he decided to design his map projection in an oval form, not cylindrical. This map projection suffers a distortion, which is critical in the poles, due to the curvature of the meridians.

Azimuthal Map Projection:
The Azimuthal Map Projection is a kind of map projection that shows a circular image of part of the Earth. The advantage of this map projection is that distances shown in points through straight lines are real, but it can not be represented the entire Earth in just one image and it is distorted in the rest of the areas of the map.

Media Distortion:
Media Distortion consists in giving false information about a topic depending on the interest of each specific mass media or people that control that mass media, it means that the reality is not showed as it is, the reality is changed to cheat the receptor.

Internet Treasure Hunt:
It consists in a methodology in which the students are asked to look for information on the web, in order to answer questions given by the teacher. The teacher should provide the students different webs, to compare different resources. The idea is that the students become capable to look for information in the web and be able to understand that information. The treasure hunt methodology includes the competition between the students to be the first in answering all the given questions.

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