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TERMS, Key words.

Content knowledge: It is the knowledge that teachers have to teach in their subject such as maths, science, language and so on. It is composed of the concepts, theories, ideas, organizational frameworks, knowledge of evidence and proof, as well as practices and approaches in order to develop such knowledge. All in all, it is all curriculum areas set by the administration.

Pedagogical knowledge: It is the knowledge about processes, methodologies and psychological knowledge of teaching and learning. It is composed by aims and purposes. It defines how students learn and the accurate strategies depending on their development, cognitive or social skills in order to be applied in the classroom.

Technological knowledge: It is the information technology focused in work and everyday life either for teacher and student. It provides a spectrum of tools to improve knowledge and it offers a variety of ways to do each task in order to engage students with tech learning. This knowledge is always in movement and evolution so it is flexible and dynamic.

Information map: It is a method for showing information in a structured way. It was developed by Robert E.Horn at Harvard and Columbia Universities. It gives visual and immediate information based on the topic it contains. Besides, it shows the preferences of a specific concept in a structured manner in order to make the reader better unbeatable a given idea.

Speed learning: It is a method of learning in which students have to talk one to one in a short period of time about a topic of learning. This methodology it helpful to develop a faster way to solving problems and sharing ideas with others.

Diagram: It is a simplified drawing which represents a structure or describes something. It helps to see and develop the relation among different dimension and its relationships. Moreover, it is easy for explaining each part of a given concept and after trigger the result of their interaction as well as to go deeper into the concept's explanation.

Cristina Rodriguez 
Jose A Gómez

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