Sunday, February 28


Hi I'm Pablo and this week I'm the Star of this group. At the beginning when the teacher gave us the task I was in a good mood because the task I had to present was interesting. I also wasn't nervous because I thought I was going to present the task with other partner, but when we decided that I was going to be the only star, I started to get nervous, but it wasn't that big of a deal, so I did my part of the research. Then I thought that the presentation was going to be too short and things like that.

The next day, when we put together all the information, it was a relief for me because I knew that I was going to fill all the time in the presentation. Then, to prepare the presentation I practiced a lot with a stopwatch, my sister helped me to see if I was doing well etc. In the end, at the presentation I think I did OK and it was a big relief for me when I finish.

I think that the worst part was the moments before my presentation. I was watching the other ones doing their presentations and some of them were making mistakes, the teacher was kind of intimidating, so I started to though that I was going to make the same mistakes, but at the end everything went well. 

Thanks for reading!!

Pablo García 

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