Sunday, February 28


23 - February

Second day working with the task 2, cartographic projections. Today the Frisky Hedgehogs’ assistants have uploaded to the blog an application which is very useful to make an online reference map that can be refreshed anytime they include something new. The name is Ploppet and you can find it in the "Curator-farmer" section.

 In addition, Frisky Hedgehogs have had a free hour during their timetable and they have worked together with the distortion of information (which is a requirement of the task), and they have completed the reference map.

Finally we have finished the group's daily-work by helping Pablo, the star, with what he should say on Wednesday in the oral presentation.

22 - February

Today is the first day with our new task, number two and what it requests is basically exploring cartographic projections. First the group has divided the work by subgroups in order to complete most of the work in the classroom, after that all of us started working in our different tasks, which were; analyzing the task to do it correctly, deciding what map we were going to use and finally refreshing the "Frisky Hedgehogs" web page by putting different sections for each one of the roles, as our teacher Linda said in the last feedback.

Some comments of this week:

The first comment I published was in a web called where we were looking for some information about Mercator's map. I have to say that this web has something which make it special, maybe it can be the gloomy and shady aspect besides the info that you can't find there (black holes in the system, the real story of political and social issues...), but it is a "lovely" place for spending a couple of hours increasing your knowledge about daily or historical things. Finally, as I see it, this web would have better aceptation if we could find it on the "Deep web" and not on the common Internet.

The other comment which I have posted was located in our colleagues' web, ,  I was looking over their blog because I wanted to know how the others group were working with their web pages (yes, you can define me as a little attempted paparazzi or something like that), in addition I leave there a comment giving my opinion about their work.

PD: I strong suggest you visiting it!!

Finally a short video showing a little bit more of our work in this second task during this week. Have fun!

Edu Espinosa

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