Sunday, February 28


Hi, there! It's Anthony, this week's Frisky Hedgehogs' facilitator. I'm writting this so all of you can know about our work's organization.

First of all, I must recognize there was a bit of a chaos as I didn't really know what to say. I don't quite make the cut when it comes to leading. Therefore I needed a bit of support from my Frisky Hedgehogs, what I must thank them for.

To start the activity, we divided the information that we needed to look for on Monday morning. I believe that with only a couple days before the deadline it was something I was forced to do. After that, on Tuesday morning, we put it all in common and started making some structure for the star's presentation. We were all pretty sure that it was something that needed doing, as we weren't going to let our star prepare his presentation on his own. After the presentation our teacher told us that one part of the work wasn't correct, so we have spent the remaining time restructuring it, and you can see it already in the blog.

To sum it all up, personally, I found this role a bit tricky, both because of the little time we had and my difficulties when it comes to being a leader, but, in the end, we all worked hard enough to make it to the presentation with everything ready to be judged.

I hope all of you also enjoyed this task and good luck in the following ones!

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