Sunday, February 28


Hi guys! I’m Edu Gálvez and this week I’m the “analyst” of the group, so I have to analyse our work by doing a reflection about that. My reflection is the next:


This second week has been a little strange. The task was divided into three parts. Firstly, we had to describe three different map projections (Robinson, Mercator and Azimuthal), selecting two countries (one from Europe and one from other continent) and compare them using the different map projections. And also, to finish this first part, we had to decide what the best map projection to be used in a classroom is. Secondly, we had to find an example of information distorted by the media. And in the third part, we had to find an example of a “treasure hunt” related to primary education. 

As I said before, this second week was quite weird. This is mainly because our group had some problems to organize the work and agree. This has been the worst part of the activity. And the worst moment of the week was when, in the beginning, we had to distribute the different parts of the task for working because we couldn’t agree. As a group, we need to improve teamwork: all members of the group should contribute and care about the task in the same way. Also, we need to find the right way of organization. This is an important thing that we have learnt.

However, despite the bad moments, we should have good moments every week. For example, the second workday (Tuesday) we were laughing for a while and it was a fun moment!  We should try to keep a friendly atmosphere and I’m sure that the work will be better.

On the other hand, the content of this task has been useful for us: media as way of information aren’t neutral and we hadn’t to believe all things that we see or hear on them. Also, we can relate the content of this task with a past subject called “Planning of the Educational Action” (Planificación de la Acción Educativa), in which there was a didactical unit based on the methodology of the teacher. In this task we have studied the “treasure hunt”, that is a funny and good way of learning.

And that's all! We hope that you continue reading our blog and learning with us!

See you next week dear bloggers!
Edu Gálvez

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